Daya Varma


At a grand rally on October 29, at Azamagarh in Samajwadi Party (SP)-ruled state of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, the leader of SP flayed Narendra Modi for his divisive politics and Gujarat pogrom. But he did more.


As a prelude to fulfil his ambition to become India’s Prime Minister, Yadav also dwelt on foreign policy. According to the Times of India (October 30), Yadav said “India must take on China for all the mischief that it does at the border. “Congress and BJP talk of Pakistan as the only threat because it is weak. They, however, don’t dare to challenge China.”


Yadav perhaps had in mind the recent historic agreement between the Indian and Chinese Governments during Manmohan Singh’s visit that neither country will use force against each other to settle border disputes.


The brave Yadav recalled his performance in dealing with Pakistan. He emphasized: ”When I was the Defense Minister, and Indian helicopter was shot down on the borders killing five personnel. The same day I held a meeting with service chiefs and asked them to give a befitting reply to Pakistan.”


Mulayam Singh borrowed Advani’s phrase that D. Manmohan Singh is a weak Prime Minister.

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