Press Statement by Swami Agnivesh President World Council of Arya Samaj Scientists visiting Tirupati


What does the future portend and who are Modi’s next quarries? I think the most important bit of recent reportage by Tehelka indicates the BJP’s fascist agenda. But for Tehelka’s investigations we would never have known the full scale of Soni Sori’s tragedy, to take just one example.


This didn’t happen in a hotel lift at the hands of a sex-obsessed intellectual, but under the full gaze and connivance of the state. Don’t get distracted.


New Delhi: 05th Nov, 2013
While I join the rest of the world in congratulating ISRO for the successful launch of the PSLV- C 25, the laudable Mars Mission by India’s top scientists has been marred by a highly unscientific and superstitious pooja at Tirupati Temple by ISRO Chairman Dr. K.Radhakrishnan. Read more…


It is regrettable that former ISRO Chairman G.Madhavan upholds this as a tradition and confirms that he too had gone to worship at Tirupati temple before the Chandrayan Mission. Another top scientist and project director of Chandrayan I and 2 ,Mylswamy Annadurai too endorses this practice without any inhibition. Read more…


Article 51 A of Indian Constitution enjoins upon every citizen of India to practice Scientific Temper. But leave alone ordinary citizens, the top scientific brass is making a mockery not only of the sacred fundamental duties as enshrined in our constitution but ridiculing the scientific Dharma itself.


The reason behind India’s dehumanizing poverty, abominable caste system, glaring gender inequality and thousands being trampled to death in religious pilgrimages is undoubtedly this unbecoming superstition mongering of the scientific and the ruling elite. While the politicians indulge in such dubious practices partly due to their personal belief system and partly due to their over zeal to befool the gullible vote bank , the Scientist holding positions of authority do a great disservice by indulging in such dubious acts.


Unless Dr. K. Radhakrishnan comes up with a well-reasoned rational explanation of his ‘Pooja’ I condemn this attitude and demand a public apology by the concerned renowned Scientist.

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