Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Ranjit Sinha is reported (The Hindu, October 13, 2013) to have made the following statement:


“what is the harm if we legalise betting…it is very easy to say you don’t have enforcement agencies. It is like saying if you cannot stop rape, you enjoy it.” Read more…


CBI is an important agency and fond of encroaching upon policy matters, which is the exclusive privilege of the government. It seems there is no system in lace to investigate officials of CBI before appointment and during their tenure.


Under the prevailing system of appointing bureaucrats and other officials like the heads of the military, there remains a distinct possibility that persons who do not abide by the spirit of Indian Constitution reach the top and take arbitrary actions under the influence of fundamentalist political parties. There is a distinct possibility that imprisonment of Lalu Yadav by a CBI court was inspired by the pro-BJP bias of the presiding judge.

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