Delhi, 23 September, 2013: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, today condemned the terrorist attacks in Peshawar and Nairobi.


Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, President of AIMMM, said in a statement here that the terrorist attacks on innocents in a church in Peshawar and a commercial mall in Nairobi are worst examples of anti-Islamic behavior which deserve to be condemned and resisted by all possible means. These crimes by fringe groups working at the behest of powers in their respective regions and beyond, are simple terror which in no way is sanctioned by Islam or has the consent of Muslims anywhere in the world. These fringe groups are neo-Kharijites which feed on the senseless overt and covert wars on Islam and Muslims waged by Israel, the US and their allies. Dr Khan said, the only legitimate Jihad is against invading and occupying armies while attacking innocent civilians is a plain and simple criminal act against Islam and humanity.

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