I.K. Shukla The genius of Faiz Ahmed Faiz was honored with the launch of a special CD-ROM ‘Faiz- Aaj Kay Naam’  dedicated to the times, life and works of this literary giant of Pakistan (and also of India, ed.)The CD on Faiz, playable on multimedia computer system, provides nearly 7 hours of audio, video, images  and textual information on his work and life and includes renditions of his verse in the form of Recitations,  Art, Dances and Songs by many well known artists. The package contains a 32- page 4 color booklet that  offers additional supporting material including a well written comprehensive introduction to Faiz which will  facilitate researchers and admirers alike.    Faiz Aaj Kay Naam CD-ROM is a unique effort on the life and works of renowned Urdu poet with the desire  to preserve and bring to an international audience the rich heritage of the subcontinent. It is very important to  maintain a link with our cultural heritage and literature is the best way to keep this link.  (Details   SKU:mul001  Author: Faiz Ahmed Faiz  Pages: 32  Publisher: Technopark Media Creations   Shipped from: USA Weight:1.00 kg Price: $ 30.00) 

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