The Milli Gazette Online (Online:  May 19, 2013)


New Delhi, 19 May, 2013: All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations and eminent personalities, condemned here today the custodial murder of the terror-accused Khalid Mujahid who had been exonerated by the Nimesh Commission but Uttar Pradesh government was playing politics about the release of the falsely accused in the case of the U.P. courts blasts. Nimesh Commission, constituted by the previous BSP government, had presented its report to the state government on 31 August last year. But instead of tabling it in the state assembly with an action taken report, the SP government resorted to gimmicks to show its false concern. The Nimesh report, since leaked, clearly exonerated Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi and recommended action against named police officers who framed them and fabricated evidence to implicate them.


President of the AIMMM, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan said that the police story about Khalid Mujahid’s death is doubtful as it is not plausible that a young and healthy person would die of heart attack. He demanded the immediate suspension of all officers and policemen involved in this custodial murder, adequate compensation to the family of the murdered detainee and the immediate release of the Nimesh Commission report with an action taken report.


Dr Khan said it is an appropriate time for both the state and Union governments to relook at the cases of thousands of Muslim youths languishing in jails for years and to constitute review committees and fast track courts to do justice to them. Dr Khan said Union Home Minister Shinde’s intention to send circulars to state governments is a political gimmick which will not deceive anyone and will not make any difference. If Mr Shinde is serious and sincere, let him transfer all terror cases to the NIA, institute reviewing committees like the ones instituted to review TADA cases and form fast track courts to try those recommended by the review committees, said Dr Khan.

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