Statement to the Media on the Channel-4 photographs


No lies or distortions can cover up the wicked deeds of the military action carried out by the defence forces of Sri Lanka in the name of “humanitarian war” during the final stages of the war in 2009. Information and evidence about them have already been released by international democratic and human rights organisations. As a continuation of such information, the TV channel, Channel-4 had recently release photographs relating to the killing of the 12-years old son of Prabakaran.


The killing of a child of tender age as an act of revenge has shocked every parent who saw the photographs. Although the photographs have been released belatedly, they have brought out the cruelties of the war and the violation of the rules of combat. The New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party strongly condemns these acts.


Many thousands of Tamils were killed in the coastal areas of Mullaitheevu in the final days of the cruel war carried forward by the Mahinda Chinthana government. Those killed included the old, the sickly, women, children, youth and infants. Prabakaran’s twelve year old son Balachandran was killed as one such victim. This wicked act was an inhumane and immoral act of murder carried out as an act of perverted vengeance. It is in breach of national laws and to accepted international norms for the conduct of war.


This event makes us wonder how many more tender buds like Balachandran would have fallen prey during the final stages of the war to the guns of this regime, which has vociferously claimed at home and abroad that it was acting against the recruitment of children as soldiers and to protect the rights of children. Thus the government should solely accept responsibility and answer charges relating to this. But spokespersons for the government and the Defence Secretary are simply denying everything. It will be in vain to expect that the UN, its Human Rights Council, the US, the West and India will provide justice for the human rights breaches of the final stages of the war or for the murder of the child, Balachandran. It was these countries that were responsible for the murder of children of tender age like Balachandran. Hence, the only way to win justice for these murders is to make the Sinhalese people, who have been distracted by the government, to think politically and question the government. It is our duty to inform the Sinhalese people that the same fate could befall the Sinhalese youth tomorrow.

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