Feroz Mehdi


So here we are. It is November 29 2012. November 29 is the international day in solidarity with Palestine. It is also the day when the UN passed the resolution for partition of Palestine in 1947. It is today in 2012 that the World Social Forum-Free Palestine was launched in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It is today that the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of giving a non-member state status to Palestine.


One hundred thirty eight  countries voted in favor and 9 voted against. Canada has officially joined the axis of evil with Israel and the USA by voting against the Palestinian proposal. The Canadian foreign minister, we were told by the Canadian media, flew to the UN meeting specially to vote against the Palestinian proposal.


Palestinians do not expect any miraculous change in Israeli policy. End of occupation is what they want. We do not expect any miracle from Harper’s Canadian government. We simply want them out. The movement to throw them out is building.




(Alternatives International Journal  1 December 2012)

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