T P Chandrashekharan was a popular leader of the Revolutionary Marxist Party, a breakaway from the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPM. There is strong evidence that CPM was directly or indirectly involved in this political murder; if so, it is a new low for CPM.


Comrade T P Chandrashekharan (51) was assassinated yesterday night. The bike in which he travelled was stopped at Vallikkadu near Orkkatteri,Vatakara (Kerala) and the Comrade was stabbed at head by unknown assailants who were following in an Innova car. Before the murder, the gang threw bombs to deter people approaching the spot. It was only after the police took him to the hospital with face fully smeared with blood, the body could be identified.


The martyred Comrade was one of the founding leaders of the Revolutionary Marxist Party with massive following among the people in Onchium, one of the birth places of communist movement in Kerala. He was also the State General Secretary of Left Co-ordination Committee (Idathupaksha Ekopana Samithi ) which is one of the five constituent organizations in All India Left Co-ordination(AILC). Other parties being CPI(ML) Liberation, Lal Nishan (Leninist) of Maharashtra, CPM Punjab, and Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists (CPRM) of West Bengal.


Comrade K S Hariharan of Revolutionary Marxist party stated that the assassination was with the knowledge of the CPI(M) state leadership. He pointed out that many attempts had been made earlier on the life of Comrade Chandrashekharan, from which Comrade had only narrow escapes. Comrade Hariharan also recalled that only a few weeks ago the CPI(M) State Secretary in a party meeting had openly gave out the threat that after the Onchium area committee meeting of the revolutionary Marxist Party, many heads would roll down. That threat was made on the same day when a gang of motor cyclists belonging to the CPI(M) crashed into the flag rally which had been organized in connection with the Onchium area conference of the RMP, and several comrades were brutally attacked by the CPI(M) goons.


According to information available from the comrades in RMP, the body of Comrade Chandrashekharan will be exhibited at Kozhikkode (12.00 -1.00pm) and Vatakara (2pm-3pm)- Town Halls respectively for enabling the public to pay homages and the funeral will take place in the evening at Onchium.


A statewide hartal  (general strike) from 6 am to 6 pm has been called  by many left parties and organizations in protest of the killing.


Left Co-ordination Committee, Socialist Centre, Janakeeya Vikasana Samithi, CPM Thalikkulam , Adhinivesha Pratiprodha Samithi (A statewide platform of activists for resisting Imperialist aggression) are among the organizations who gave out the call .The ruling United Democratic Front also has given a call to observe state wide hartal in protest.


(Venugopalan K M: Liberation News Service)

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