May 27, 2012


Respected Friend,


I am attaching a few newspaper reports on the action taken by the Madhya Pradesh Government against Ms Madhuri Krishnaswami, of the Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan [JADS]. Madhuri is my niece and I have known her since her birth. Her father, the late Air Vice Marshall Srinivas Krishnaswami, served the country with great distinction. Madhuri is a Gandhian, and giving up all comforts and career chances, she has worked tirelessly for several decades in the interests of the tribal and dalit communities of Madhya Pradesh. The government has time and again trumped up charges against her. Once when she was charged with murder, it so happened that at that very time she was on leave with her father in Bangalore, and seen by several high-ranking officers there. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, and their contractor cronies, who are looting forest wealth and oppressing tribals and dalits, want her out of the way.


While I do not apprehend that any real legal proceedings will be launched, I am very apprehensive that extra-legal violence may be resorted to in this manufactured climate of unrest. I therefore appeal to you to raise your voice in protest along with several other distinguished persons who have already done so.


Dr. Vithal Rajan, OC, Ph.D [LSE], FINS (

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