Over the past 40 years many of you have had a chance to associate with and support Frontier, the weekly paper founded by Samar Sen in Calcutta. It is now available also as a webzine.

Please visit It still operates from a little hole in the wall on Mott Lane in Calcutta, off Lenin Sarani. These lanes of Calcutta are historic, primarily in a working class and small trader district. Cars cannot enter these lanes. There is an intense hustle out on the streets, people eking out a living and if you look up you will see centuries of social scars visible on the balconies, verandahs and collapsing buildings. There is a small opening, next to a pawn-shop and you climb up the rather precarious and dark stairs to find the crew still slogging away at producing the paper week after week. It is still a resolute voice of the independent left and continues to battle on despite severe difficulties, lack of funds and other restrictions.


Due to the voluntary work of many of its supporters, the weekly is now reaching a crossroad and needs considerable support, to expand its distribution and also pay some of its part time workers. Many of you have contributed with theoretical and journalistic efforts. Frontier has survived on your efforts. This is an institution that needs to be expanded, in the face of the peculiar neo-liberalist onslaught that is happening in India, as part of a global attack on the left.


I am therefore asking you all (I am sure I have missed out many old friends) to become life-members if you can. Please see for details of how to become a life member or sustain Frontier in any way you can. A life membership is Rs 3000 ( or 60 dollars). Please see the details in the link on how to pay. It is quite straightforward.


Also, if you feel you can pass on this note to others, please do so. It would be greatly appreciated. If you do not wish to have it mailed to you abroad (you can eventually access it on the above link on the web) that would save Frontier a lot of postage money–you may state so to Timir Bose, the editor who continues the battle.

Frontier deserves not only to be kept alive, but expanded. If you are already supporting Frontier – thank you very much.


Best wishes and in solidarity


Rana Bose


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