The abduction of two Italian tourists by  the Communist Party of India (Maoist) [CPI-Maoist] is yet another example  of  diverting  people’s attention from the crises faced by the ruling system.


March 20, 2012: These are days when the UPA government (headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh) is imposing further price rises and other burdens over the common people under its neo-liberal budget, when even the existing workers’ rights are snatched away, mounting attacks are unleashed on people’s movements at Kudamkulam, Jaitapur, Kalinga Nagar, POSCO etc, and when the AFSPA-Army policing is making life intolerable for people of J&K and Northeast. This is also a time when the UPA government  is getting more crisis ridden than ever. The BJD govt in Odisha is also faced with mounting people’s wrath against its pro-Corporate-MNCs policies. At such a time by abducting two Italian tourists the CPI(Maoist) has provided a very good opportunity for the central and state government to divert people’s attention from the crises faced by the ruling system and to mount attack on the people in the name of confronting ‘left wing extremism’.


It may even  be used to deploy army to these areas in the state, as already an army training camp is established in Jagdalpur in neighboring Chathisgarh in the name of meeting Maoist threat. Instead of stopping the ‘Operation Green Hunt’ as the Maoists have now demanded, it is only going to be intensified as a result of this anarchist action. Even if they succeed to get some of their cadres released from jail as in the past as a result of the so-called ‘peace talks’, it will only become a further justification for the state forces to kill their cadres in fake encounters. This is an absolutely futile anarchist action which, instead of serving revolution, is serving the counter revolution. It should be severely condemned by all communist and democratic forces.


The CPI (Maoist) leadership has become so blind due to dogmatism that they are not ready to recognize the damage they are doing to the revolutionary movement. By their squad actions they destroyed the powerful mass movement in Lalgarh in West Bengal which had blocked Jindal like corporates  from that area, and opened the way for deployment of central forces and for Jindal to start its project. While the CPI (ML) could lead mass movements and stop the SEZ in Ragnandgaon and partially stop the privatization of Sivnath river in Chathisgarh, in the stronghold of Maoists in Bastar, the Essar has succeeded to construct and operate 204 kms long pipe line to Visakhapatnam to loot the iron ore from Baladilla. There is no single instant any where in India where the Maoists could stop or block any corporate-MNC project through their anarchist actions. Similarly, in the name of defeating CPI (M), they went to the extent of supporting the TMC (Trinamool Congress of Mamata Banerjee) in last year’s assembly elections in Bengal as they are repeatedly doing in AP and Jharkhand, ultimately helping the forces of reaction. When all the erstwhile socialist countries have degenerated to capitalist path and the communist movement is facing many theoretical and practical challenges in politicizing, mobilizing and leading the masses to the revolutionary path, such isolated squad actions and anarchist practice of the Maoists are not only against the basic tenets of Marxism-Leninism and Mao’s contributions to revolutionary theory, but also ultimately serve the ruling classes and their imperialist masters as we are witnessing in the areas where the Maoist squads are operating.


It is unfortunate that not recognizing this, some intellectuals who are not ready to involve themselves in any revolutionary propaganda or practice among the masses get infatuated with the adventurist ‘actions’ of Maoists and get carried away by the media hype they attract. This section like the Maoist leadership is far away from the Marxist teaching that the masses, masses alone are the creators of history. CPI (ML) appeals to these intellectuals and sections, influenced by the anarchist practice of the Maoists, to rethink and rectify their mistake. At a time when the imperialist system as a whole and the comprador ruling system in India are getting discredited and when objective conditions for revolutionary advances of the masses are becoming increasingly positive, the Maoist anarchist actions will only serve the ruling classes to attack the communist forces and weaken the people’s upsurges as they are using the social democratic CPI (M) led forces for this purpose. CPI (ML) appeals to all democratic forces and masses of people to oppose and severely condemn the anarchist line of the CPI (Maoist) leadership and rally with the revolutionary left forces for advancing the class struggle for achieving people’s democracy and socialism.


(K.N.Ramachandran (General Secretary, CPI [ML])


(Supplied by Vijay Singh  [vijaysingh1917@yahoo.com])

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