All India Left Coordination’s Statement


The arrest of senior journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi in connection with the attack on an Israeli diplomat’s wife last month is condemnable, based as it is on accusations that carry little credibility.


Mr Kazmi is a journalist of very high repute, and was currently working with an Iranian News agency, which naturally required him to be in touch with his Iranian employers.


Israel was quick to implicate Iran in the attack on the Israeli diplomat’s wife and has been pressurizing India to do so. India however is yet to name Iran as being behind the attack. However, the arrest of Mr. Kazmi seems to be clearly at the behest of the Israeli Government and investigators, who have a vested interest in establishing an Iranian connection with the attack.


A large number of journalists and citizens have come forward to protest Mr. Kazmi’s arrest and demand his freedom and justice.


Mr. Kazmi must be released on bail without delay and be given a full opportunity to clear his name.


(ML Update,  13 – 19 MARCH 2012)

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