Coordination Committee for Indian Muslims


New Delhi, 7 March 2012: Coordination Committee for Indian Muslims (CCIM), after an emergency meeting here at the Jamaat-e Islami Hind headquarters this evening, forcefully condemned the arrest of Journalist Muhammad Ahmad Kazmi by Delhi Special Police.


CCIM chairman Mujtaba Farooq, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Welfare Party of India General Secretary Dr SQR Ilyas, All India Shia Ulama Council leader Maulana Jalal Haidar Naqvi, Muslim Political Council of India President Dr Tasleem Rahmani, Political Secretary Jamaat-e Islami Hind Muhammad Ahmad, Shia Point President Zaheer Zaidi, Senior Urdu journalist Syed Mansoor Agha, National Council of Shia Ulama President Maulana Muhsin Taqwi, Shia community leader Zafar Abbas, Students Organisation of India Secretary Shuaib Shaikh, Association for Protection of Civil Rights Secretary AK Kidwai, Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasmi, head of the Shah Waliullah Institute, Urdu Journalist Muhammad Ahmad Khan and others said after the meeting that the continuing at random arrests of Muslim youth are not only a matter of grave concern for the community, they are also injurious to the democratic setup of the country. It is a matter of alarm that now a senior member of the Urdu journalist community has been arrested without any apparent evidence or proof. Muhammad Ahmad Kazmi is a senior Urdu journalist of long standing who works and writes in the higher interests of the country.


The meeting decided to write to the Union Home Minister, Delhi Police Commissioner, Lt Governor of Delhi and Delhi Chief Minister seeking their immediate intervention and to stop the serial arrests and torture of Muslim youth. The Muslim leaders will also meet these and other government officials and will approach Justice Markanday Katju, Chairman of the Press Council of India as well as the national and state minorities commissions. (All India Muslim Majlis-E- Mushawarat is the umbrella body of the Indian Muslim Organizations:  mushawarat[@]


The Milli Gazette; Published Online: Mar 07, 2012)

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