(European Organization for Pakistani Minorities:;  December  7, 2011)


Even in death, the Ahmadiyya community faces persecution. In a gruesome incident late Saturday night, 29 graves in an Ahmadi graveyard were desecrated in Dunyapur; district Lodhran, around 100 kilometres away from Multan.


Local spokesperson Saleemuddin told EOPM representatives that people came in black clothes in white open gypsy and broke the plaques of 50 graves and dug out 29 bodies from the graves. The community has approached the police and were refused from accepting the complaint. This graveyard was made 80 years ago.


Ahmadiyya community has been facing high in the area, as couple of months ago a private school for forcefully closed down by the local authorities, the school was giving free modern education to around 400 children.


Unfortunately, this is not the first such incident. Around two months ago, another Ahmadi graveyard located in Haveli Majokan district Sargodha was dug up, humiliating and angering community members.


It is reported that these incidents of desecrating graves of the Ahmadiyya community have increased over the last few months. A total of 30 such cases have been recorded in the country.


EOPM requests international community to ask the Pakistani Government to investigate the matter further and give proper protection to the Ahmadiyya community.

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