New Delhi, 8 September 2011: Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, Working President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organizations, forcefully condemned the terrorist and criminal attack outside the Delhi High Court on 7 September which resulted in so many innocent casualties.


He said that the AIMMM demands an honest probe taking into account all possible beneficiaries of this criminal act. He cautioned that the past practice of quickly pointing to some so-called “Muslim” organizations should not be repeated in order to allow the real criminals to cover their tracks.


The AIMMM Working President further demanded that people directly responsible for intelligence and security in Delhi must be punished by immediate suspension and should be sacked if, after an enquiry, found negligent and guilty. Failure to install CCTVs at the High Court gates and other similar places in the capital clearly shows the criminal and negligent attitude of the police and security agencies despite the recurrence of terrorist attacks in the capital.


The AIMMM Working President said that merely offering of compensation to the dead and injured is not enough. Those responsible for the lax security should also pay the price so that the lax and carefree attitude of the bureaucracy, police and security agencies could be checked.


Dr. Khan demanded that the unaccounted huge funds placed at the disposal of intelligence and security agencies should be rigorously audited by independent auditors because these secret funds have created a vested interest and these funds are not being properly utilised for the purpose for which they are released to these agencies.

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