Canada Forum for Nepal held a two day conference from Oct 5-7 on Nepal under the title “Unfolding Futures: Nepalese Economy, Society, and Politics” from October 5th to 7th 2007.

A dozen scholarly papers were presented on the issues of federalism, economic paradigms for rebuilding rural economy, achieving social justice and equity, and delivering public education to all the children of Nepal. A lively  cultural evening in the benefit of the education project in Nepal was held on October 6. Meagan Mcgrath, the youngest Canadian woman to climb the seven summits of the world, who saved the life of a Nepali woman mountaineer Usha Bista in the Mount Everest, was honored in the program. Nepali singer Susan Maskey, who had earned her fame in and around 1980 as a lead vocalist in Simma musical, and her daughter Astha Tamang Maskey, who is rising in the Toronto musical scene, delighted the audience with their great performances. Equally impressive were the dance performances by young artists from Ottawa. Please visit for more information.

It is heartening to know that the small Nepalese community in Ottawa has been able to stage such an impressive program on Nepal, perhaps for the first time in Canada; such developments reflect the vibrant struggle of the Nepalese people for democracy in their country. For further information, please contact Pramod  Dhakal, Executive Director, Canada Forum for Nepal at

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